Liquid Black Soap

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We're excited to offer authentic African Black Soap all year round to keep our favorite organ refreshed and soft! African Black soap in bar or liquid form doesn't play with when it comes to deep cleansing.

Here at Milli Miracle, our liquid black soap variations are carefully handcrafted in our studio with fresh, organic and wildcrafted ingredients to meet your unique skin care needs.

Our original pure, unscented, African Black Soap in its liquid form is a timeless staple; known for its mild, deep cleansing benefits as a facial cleanser, body wash and shampoo. 

Next in our lineup, is our rejuvenating turmeric, aloe vera, orange and tea tree blend designed to refresh and soothe. Enjoy this blend with its gentle, citrus aroma.

Indulge yourself with our rich line of liquid black soaps ready to cleanse and refresh your skin and hair. 

Base Ingredients for Liquid Black Soap: Distilled Water, Cocoa Pod Ash, Plantain Peel Ash, Palm Oil